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La Petenera: Flamenco concerts in Granada

Can you imagine listening to the most authentic flamenco music in a 16th century palace with beautiful views of the Alhambra? Flamenco La Petenera was started to give the most complete flamenco experience in the Albayzin for everybody. The best flamenco can now be experienced in the Palacio de Los Olvidados.

Every week, only the best flamenco artists express flamenco in its greatest form here at La Petenera. Guitarrists, Cantaores (Flamenco singers) and Bailaores (Flamenco Dancers) with years of experience light up one of the prettiest places of Granada with their beautifully played art.

We will take you on a journey through all the different genres of flamenco so that the listener understands the richness and complexity of this special music. Every artist is from Granada and all over Andalucia, they can be seen on our Events and Musicians page. We invite you to buy tickets and visit our Tablao Flamenco in Granada.

One of the Best tablaos flamencos in Granada

Not only because of the musicians, but also because of its location. There’s no doubt that when you visit Flamenco La Petenera, you’re visiting one of the best tablaos flamencos in Granada. We have taken care of every little detail with our decoration, sound and we guarantee your comfort so that you have the greatest experience possible in first person. 

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Located on the Santa Ines’ hill, in the heart of the Albayzin Bajo, you will find the Palacio de los Olvidados (The Palace of the Forgotten). This historic building was built in the 16th century where you will find the Tablao Flamenco La Petenera. The Albayzin neighborhood, that was declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO in 1984, is a neighborhood just under the Alhambra that complements the beautiful architecture of the Nazari palace, with streets that will sweep you away into the muslim roots of Granada.

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