Dates of the flamenco shows in La Petenera

Our objective is to get you to have the greatest flamenco experience with the best flamenco musicians in the province, in such a special palace built in the 16th century where our tablao flamenco harbors. In Flamenco La Petenera we offer, every week, flamenco concerts of the finest quality. 

You will find musicians of all flamenco genres. On our stage you will witness bailaores (Flamenco dancers), cantaores (Flamenco singers) and flamenco guitarrists that master all genres of flamenco. The shows that you will see are ideal for people of all ages, from children to adults. The whole family can enjoy our flamenco shows. 

Dates of the flamenco shows in La Petenera


The flamenco shows that we have over the next few months will surprise you with their variety and quality of the musicians. We have carefully chosen musicians that master various genres, that offer unique and enriching experiences that will help you understand what flamenco is in Granada.

Our goal is that you enjoy the finest flamenco talent in the heart of the Albayzin, next to the Alhambra, with a beautiful surrounding that makes the cante (Flamenco singing), guitar and dancing all that more special. La Petenera is a tablao flamenco that let the granadinos and visitors enjoy the flamenco art at its finest. 

Our flamenco shows in Granada follow all the security rules: We have adapted to the sanitary protocols so that the public can enjoy the show in a calm and secure environment. Safety distance, hidroalcholic gels and proper ventilation so that the palace where our shows are held can take place in a secure and special site. 

Cantaores (Flamenco singers), guitarrists and bailaores (Flamenco dancers) will be found in our tablao in Granada, in the Albayzin neighborhood so that you and your family can enjoy the whole experience. We have meticulously designed the sound and selection of our musicians. How about an afternoon with music and the best views of the Alhambra?